Do guys act different around girls they actually like?

He's flirted with me all semester without really talking to me. He would bump into me in class, stare at me, make little teases/comments, etc. I got tired of it and found a way to give him my number myself because it was moving too slow and he was never going to ask me for mine.

He ended up texting me and asked me to come over and watch a movie but I shot him down because my roommate convinced me he just wanted to hook up. Then I felt bad and asked him to coffee the next day and he said he was busy.

He texted me that night randomly and it was something he could of asked anyone so he was just trying to talk to me. He texted me after our next class and asked me if I was going home for Thanksgiving. I was already asleep so I texted him back the next day and he never responded.

Then Thanksgiving I texted him saying "hey happy Thanksgiving :)" and he replied "thanks you too:)" then we texted a little and I asked him to my sorority's formal and said "Ya I would definitely go with you :)"
Then he started talking to me about school

Sooo I feel like he likes me but I'm worried he just wants to hook up because a girl I mentioned him to said he was a "douche bag" and another said he was a "flirt" and in our class he only stares at me hardly talks to me but has another girl in the class he knew before who he and her act like they were friends with benefits or something like he's openly flirty with her but then really shyly flirty with me...

like he has not been forward with me at all so that makes me wonder if he genuinely likes me? He hasn't really acted like a "douche bag" to me, he's been really nice and not trying too hard with me but still making an effortt...


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  • A lot of toing and froing between you there, just seems normal in my opinion. It looks like he's trying not to force things but that's neither a good sign or bad. I usually try too keep a bit of a light touch but move things forward at the right moment. Some people will always crap on a potential relationship, you just need to do a bit more digging about him to see if consensus is that he is a douche lol.

    • Yeah I've definitely been toing and froing with him which is probably making him confused. I'm very shy and don't flirt with guys a lot and so it took me a long time to start flirting with him back and stuff. I feel like maybe he is intimidate by me or something and has a big crush on me so he's shy around me ORRRR he just doesn't care that much? But he's constantly staring at me in class and has been making small efforts all year and I feel like we're both too nervous to talk to each other or make things move faster basically lol

    • It's difficult to tell, some dudes earn your trust by not being too pushy. Hopefully he's not one of those guys. If he doesn't care that much he'll get bored and move on. If he's so into you that he finds you intimidating because of how attractive you are then he should stick around if you take it slow trust me, I know if I'm into a girl in a big way I don't go off them over night. This also helps in case he's a douche playing the long game, hopefully he'll lose patience! lol

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