I've never caught feelings before?

So I'm a 17 year old male and I have never caught feelings for a girl since my first girlfriend (she cheated on me with 10+ guys). I have caused girls to develop feelings for me, most of the time deep feelings. But I don't develop the same feelings but I use it to my advantage and sleep with them and then sort of just exit their life. I understand that this makes me A horrible person but I just don't develop the feelings for a relationship. Most of the time I warn the girl that I don't develop feelings but they still stick around. So my question to y'all is, how can I begin to develop feelings because I genuinely do want a relationship.


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  • When you meet the right girl. there's no 'How to' instruction manual when it comes to finding that special someone. It just happens. Usually when you least expect it. Something you might be able to try is getting to know your partners a little better before getting intimate with them. Id say just the fact these sex partners you've had went as far as they did with you could also be whats turned you off when considering them as potential girfriends. So try getting to know them first. As they are people to. And everyone has a story about them. Its what makes us unique. Try finding what such is in every person you meet and guarantee it will help you have better QUALITY relationships with them. And who knows, just might be one there you like! ;)


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