What does it mean If guy talks about you to his friends and his friend looks at you?

I notice how my crush talks to his friends about me and his friend stares at me when he sees me. Whenever his friend sees me he will tap my crush point at me and they'll look at me and be talking. I passed by his friend on my way to class one day and notice how my crush started walking pass my class I was walking to when I pass by his friend , everyday looking inside at me with his friend. What does it mean If my crush friend looks at me when he sees me? What does it mean If my crush is talking about me to his friends? Why would my crush pass by my class after I pass by his friend walking in the same direction of that class?


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  • Honestly, you should go up to this guy when he's passing one of your classes randomly and tell him "hey I've noticed you walking by my class" and just walk in your class if you look back and he smiles, good job he's probably happy to hear that, if he has a confused look, what you're saying might just be some craxy coincidince.


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