Is he into me? Or he is playing around?

I met a guy online, we were having fun together and i like him a lot. Finally, we meet up and he really into me. When i asked him" do you love me" he said" I don't know but i do like you" or" it's too early to talk about that" and when i asked " do you miss me" he said" i miss you perfume" but never said he love or miss me. However, it's too early so i dont mind. One day, he asked me to travel with him and i agreed. He respected me and nothing happened between us. Moreover, he treat me really nice. And i think i fail in love with him. However, when we went back, nothing changed. He still didn't want to come to see me even i gave him hint that i missed him. ( but he go hiking and travel with family, even he told me when and where he go with them.) I was mad and txted him that" i'm tired, i won't chase you anymore, instead i wait for you to come to me. Why you don't want to spend time with me?" And he didn't reply my text, he ignored it. And about a week, i text him again, and he pretend nothing happened. But, since then, he never text me first again, even my message, he sometime ignored it too ( which never happen before) and i'm the one that text him first until now ( it has been 4 months and things remain the same, i'm the one who texting first and he DOESN'T come to see me either) when i send the angry emoticon, he reply that he was busy, sorry. But, sometime he still flirtibg with me and said that he want to hang out with me but he never make it, he keep excuse that he was busy ( infact, he is really busy and is a workaholic) one time he told me that his goal right now is the power in the company. However, i know him busy but it's not that busy to text me if he love me. He even barely reply my text. so, i was so mad. I really dont know what he want? Is he playing game with me? He has a girl friend? Is he still into me or he lost interest? Should i continue to wait for him or give up on him?


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  • give up the chase and date other guys, don't get to attached to quickly. It won't help you and in fact hurts you. so take it easy.

  • Dont believe him. Leave him. Find another person. He is playing with you. Dont Waste your time. And in my advice find love out of computer. Where u can see expression and not assume expression.

    • Ik. No one is too busy when he into someone. But why does he not telling me that? Actually my friend is his friend also and he told me that this guy is a gud guy. I want to meet up and speak it out but he doesn't want to see me. I used to tell him that i have feeling with u, and i dont want to playing around. If you just see me as friend, i'll treat you as friend. And he said, no, it's more than friend. I really dun know what he is thinking about. He's respect and is not a guy who only playing around and having sex ( even he had chance to do it when we travel together) he said that he respect me. So he only end up with kissing. My only mistake is pursuing he too early. And now he tried to ignored me with busy excuse. I think i should give him space and enjoy my life. However, should i tell him that or just keep silent

    • See dont spend time on him. There are many guy who can give you real love. In love both party have to understand each other. he is not replying u or behaving in a rude manner than means, he is not serious about your love and from this i can say he will never understand ur feeling about him. Dont wast your time and energy and your true feeling. Find another love and enjoy the life. if you want we are also of same age group we can also be friend.

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