Worried about our first kiss?

I've started dating this guy and we're both 22. He's had lots of girls before me but I've only ever really made out with one guy ever when I was really drunk.
Anyway, everything seems to be going well so far and he seems to like me a lot and calls me beautiful etc .
But at the end of the date he walked me back home and I was being really awkward and couldn't make proper eye contact etc . We go to hug and he goes 'I'm just gonna try this' and kisses me. He kinda just left his lips on mine for a few seconds and I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to do and if it was awkward. He goes to leave so I'm like can I have a proper hug and when we pulled away he kissed me again the same and then left.
I'm worried that since I was so giggly and nervous and awkward that he's gonna know that I'm inexperienced and start not liking me lol. Obviously he'll think its weird cos at 22 he would expect me to have had more experience than I have.
This story probably comes across as verbal diarea but I guess I a just trying to order my thoughts as much as get some opinions. I'm worried that when we start to make out and stuff I won't know what to do and he'll think I'm shit. And he's the first guy I've really really liked who likes me back.


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  • 1. You're thinking way too much. Less thinking, more doing. Trust me, I've had this problem before as well. Thinking too hard about stuff like this kind of shuts down your natural instincts. The stuff that should come naturally, like kissing, ends up not coming at all because you're prohibiting it from happening. Just try to clear your mind and let things unfold naturally.
    2. Talk to him about it. Explain your situation, about how you're a bit nervous and inexperienced. He'll find your honesty endearing, and I'm sure he won't mind at all.
    3. Making out isn't rocket science. Just follow his lead, and maybe ask him for some tips in between kisses. Just don't shove your tongue down his throat and you should be ok.
    4. You even said yourself that he likes you back. Why are you doubting yourself so much? Just go with the flow and trust him.

    • Yeah I agree I'm definitely overthinking.
      I'm worried that it'll be a turn off that I haven't really been with anyone else though. Plus we have mutual friends so I'd be embarrassed if they all find out and think I'm a loser because of it.
      That's reassuring haha :)
      I guess I'm just scared of getting hurt and I'm not that confident with guys. And that he won't like me anymore if he thinks I'm a rubbish kisser.

    • Nah. Most people think it's good if a girl is inexperienced, to the point where it's actually somewhat fetishized. You're not a loser.

    • Thanks haha. I'm fine with it myself I just worry what other people will think. Give it a couplf of weeks and I'll probably be amazed that I even worried about stuff like this lol

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  • you need to tone down a note. and this line "he'll think its weird cos at 22 he would expect me to have had more experience"... thats total BS. the guy likes you obviously.. he kissed you again after what he probably considered a rigid kiss. more like a second chance thing. If you are inexperienced... why don't you just let him lead? initiate then back down. Like you go for the hug, then you kiss him this time, but when his lips go into the "make out" area, you relax and let Him kiss You.
    also, (and i just want to point this out) ... because it seems like a very shallow basis to assume someone actually likes you... you said "he calls me beautiful etc"... is there more? because if its stuff like that then you've gotta watch out lol

    • Thanks, so I'll just let him kiss me and see what happens I guess. Thanks for the reassurance.
      He has told me he likes me and my personality and hanging out with me as well as my looks. This is the third time I've seen him and he has taken me out on proper dates so I don't think he's in it just for sex. We get on really really well and haven't really had any awkward silences or anything.

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    • hey :) you said to update you, and, well, he actually asked me to be his proper girlfriend

    • proper huh... ok

  • don't do it if he can ditch other girls then he can dumb you too

    • Yeah but so could anyone. Most people have had more than one relationship by my age

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    • inbox me i want to talk to you

    • just message me here :)

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