Is it time to move on from her?

This girl at my job started flirting with me and we went out on a couple dates. She then said she just wanted to be friends. Thing is, she kept flirting with me a lot still and so it would give me a since of hope. Its been about 2 months since the whole thing started though and I admit, I fell for her, I still like hanging out with her but it sucks cause I like her as more than a friend. Im 100% sure she knows this and she will still text or call me daily but I'm still thinking is it time to move on, I can't stop thinking about her, she is literally in my dreams, is it time to move on?


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  • It is chances are she's keeping you as a backup from what you told me stringing u along making sure you stay interested on case she changes her mind. Just my experience with girls who do similar things. Point is it's not fair to you and u might want to look for someone who sees u as the best choice not a backup


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