GIRLS ADVICE ; A couple of girls I met are flirty/smily with other guys, but look scared/nervous around me in general?

What is the reason behind it, girls?

Do they find me scary (looking) or what other possibilities.

I am NOT violent or bad. Well disciplined.

So it should be my looks, since they are random girls.



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  • Maybe it's just because you're cool and they just feel shy around you😊

    • Thanks:) When you mean cool, what do you mean by that?

  • Some girls can sense shy guys and they don't want to scare them. In so doing, we may come off as nervous because you are. It honestly could have nothing to do with your looks, just your first impression personality.

    • But the funny thing is... When I am Quiet/shy , RANDOM girls tease me and give me attention.

      But when I am a bit confident and smile casually , they seem nervous/scared.

      Why is that happening?

    • When a goodlooking man is shy, girls feel more comfortable and approach him. But when that same guy is confident it scares away most girls and attracts the confident, gorgeous ones. You can figure out the rest. :)

    • So should I remain shy/ quiet or be confident?

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