Would you date a girl you met at a club?

I went out for my birthday recently, and I decided I would go to a club and dance with a few girlfriends after a stressful year at Uni and work. Naturally, I met a guy and we kept talking the entire night.

We discussed out University degree's, what we wish to do with our lives, and I told him my goals to work in the United Nations as a humanitarian lawyer, and he asked me about my volunteering work. We also discovered our family is from the same village in Greece. We did kiss, and he did have his hand around my waist.

I left with my girlfriends' early, and I don't normally go out clubbing, I'm a workaholic.

My question is: Would you as a guy overlook a woman as relationship material simply because you met her in a club?


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  • One of my friends met his girlfriend at the club. She is literally the biggest sweetheart I've ever met. Even though there are a ton of weirdos that go to the club, there are genuine people who go. And there isn't a rule on where you should meet your significant other. He probably wouldn't overlook you.

    • He hasn't gotten back to me, it doesn't matter :) If he want's to call he has my number, if not, then I have better things to do with my time.

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  • Every guy is different, but if I met a girl I connected with it doesn't matter where I met her I would find her and pursue her

  • No, I wouldn't date a girl I met at a club.

    • Especially if all we talked about were degrees and career. If all she is doing the entire conversation is sizing up my wallet I would avoid her at all costs in the future.

    • Thank you for your imput

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