How do you know if you like them enough?

We saw each other 3times and he asked me out, 1st date.
He's so different than me, i don't like the way he dresses, the music he listens to, and the stupid thingss he say like "i like to observe people.." okkkk...
But he makes me laugh and he's really kind but doesn't seem to be romantic, he likes to tease me all the time, ik that means he likes you, but come on i need some compliment.
I love texting/talking to him, i like him
I know he'll text me, it's predictable, so i don't get all excited like before. I don't know about if i feel the spark when kissing, cuz i like kissing
So, if i'm asking myself how much i like him, maybe it's not right but my friends say i should him a chance, he's a great guy... any thoughts?


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  • it seems that if you really LIKED him you would know and not be asking this question. Besides you spend a lot of time together as it is... what is going to change if you start dating? And will that make a difference in how you feel?

    • I used to like him a loot, then i found out things about him, the things I wrote up there, and I still like him, but not enough, if I stop seeing him, would that make me superficial or honest?

    • Honest. If you don't like him you don't like him.

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  • You probably aren't the right person for him.


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