Dating red flags for this woman?

I have been seeing this woman for about 3 weeks now. We have awesome chemistry but here is a list of things about her and would like to know are these red flags:

3 kids 1 adult and 2 teens (I have no kids).
2 divorces (I have never been married)
Slashed her wrist in the past

Also always has family drama I mean like really serious to were she is about to break sometimes.

She is also in her 30s meaning she had the oldest child in her early teens


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  • Hmmmm. Even I might proceed with caution here.

  • Nope!! Not a good idea! She seems as if she isn't emotionally stable and might need help. There is a reason she has already had two divorces. I would stop right where you are before you fall in love. she's going to depend on you too much in the future, and if you let her down she might take it too personal.

    • First marriage was 12 years and 2nd lasted 2 years... We actually made out for the first time this weekend and for the first time today she has totally ignored me I haven't heard from her or she replied to my text or calls it's weird of her.

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