Girl I am dating does not have anything to say back, now she says I do not speak enough with her?

Girl I am dating doesn't have anything to say back. She misses me, wants to be around me but never says anything back. I always have to do the talking and to come up with ideas.

I am starting to get bored, she looks great but does not have anything much to say. Now she says that I am not talking enough to her. Well of course, I did 90% of the talking she just watched me.

I do not find it fair to say that to me since I do most of the talking, and most of the relationship in general.


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  • Ask her more about herself so she'll talk more, and tell her how you feel. If she doesn't understand or change (which is likely), then you'll have to move on to someone who suits you better.

    • Well, I did ask her, now she is getting upset at me which is absurd. She doesn't notice the fact that I do most of the talking and work.

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    • No, it's you who thinks she's clingy AND her not being appreciative. So it's not you, it's your incompatible needs together.

    • Well, I looked into it and it turns out her friends also know she has troubles talking with other people and making friends. They always have to drag her along and do things for her otherwise she will never do anything. Most of the girls I talked to at least managed to get a decent conversation going.

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  • some girls just dont like talking about themselves like sometimes my bf goes kimmy ur being awful quiet y n i just shrug like i don't know i dont know what to say haha but im mostly like that wen his mates are around coz i dont want to interupt their conversation so yeah i don't know

    • Too late for this. I kinda broke up with her. Now there is not much left to do. She said she doesn't feel loved because I do not talk enough with her. How can I talk if she doesn't have anything to say back. What a weird girl. She is a bit self centered here. Her friends also tell her she should talk more. I cannot force her do this.

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