Post traumatic stress in a relationship? or dating life?

Basically the first guy i ever had a crush on and ever liked and ever dated... screwed me over so badly.. we dated for A LONG time and one day he didn't talk to me a lot and things got weird.. than after two weeks one night i had a dream about him and this friend of his, who is a girl.. holding hands..
I swear the night after i went on Facebook and there it said IN A RELATIONSHIP with THAT GIRL.. i dreamed about.

Im afraid the same thing will happen again when i date guys.. im so scared of getting hurt that i dont date anymore.
I dated a great guy after him but things didn't go my way and we are friends and i have him on Facebook but im scared i will see the same with him.

What to do?


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  • Life is not easy and it is full of risks. So you have some choices... you can either put your head in the sand and not take any risks, or you can take the risks and the rewards that come with them.

    The key is to guard your heart... meaning that you don't instantly give it way when you meet someone and that when you do give it away, you do it bit by bit and piece by piece.

    Take it a step at a time.


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  • Give yourself time to get over those heat breakes. Take time to grow and become independent and forget about dating :) Once you are ready to date again you will find the perfect guy for you :D

    But if you can't you can practice with me ;) Im single.

    • thats what im doing.. i havnt dated anyone since February .. the guy i mentioned at the end.. so im focusing on myself

    • Thats good :) you will eventually get over it and grow as an individual :D
      If you ever need anyone to talk to just message me :]

  • He seems pretty jerk , if he didn't tell you precisely why he is breaking up. And maybe taking a bit rest from dating a fancy idea now, with your trust issues. Not all the guys are same, u knw

    • i havnt dated anyone since February ..

    • Then maybe its time to rethink, about the trust issues

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