We have sex, cuddle, and he says he likes me. What are we?

I'm just really confused right now, like I've never had this kind of experience before. I was instantly drawn to this guy, we are both attractive, musically inclined, intelligent and unique. We hang out, cuddle, have sex and have sleepovers.
He'll occasionally say he likes me and that he misses me. I'm not sure what we are or where we are leading, is this more of a casual relationship? I'm worried that I'll want to date him and be more serious down the line, and he won't want that. But I could be overthinking.. It's just my first time with this situation. When things are going too good, I tend to freak out and assume its too good to be true. Does this stuff mean he would be in a relationship with me?


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  • If a guy is having sex with you more than once per week with all those extra benefit's... He may already be in love with you. Especially if he tries to comfort you. Guy's try to comfort the woman they love by several mean's whether it's food, playing with their hair or massage type things like rubbing your arm gently. There's no reason to freak out just enjoy the happiness that has came into your life and don't try to predict the future...

    • He's cooked for my before, he always kisses my head while we're cuddling, gentle stroking and tender squeezes. Compliments my body. I wondered, 'wow maybe someones really falling for me' but he could just be a really sweet guy, who craves affection himself.

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    • Plus he doesn't text me back right away all the time. But I'm not sure if that's a red flag. Or if he's hesiitant himself.

    • Something isn't clicking in your mind but it has in his otherwise he wouldn't be all about you like that. Texting is iffy, I always add suspense and waiting to text's as well if a relationship hasn't been confirmed just to not come off as too needy or push someone away. Once you start staying with him and getting those deep talks in you will start to open up a bit more. This guy sounds like he is trying to get to that point. There is nothing to be negative about really he just wants to love you and comfort you...:P

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  • The basics of a good relationship seem to be there from your perspective, but the only way to know for sure is to have that conversation with him and see what he thinks.
    As scary as that might sound, here's why I would have that talk if I were you - if you don't, and you find out down the track that all he wants is a friend with benefits, you'll end up more hurt for having grown more and more attached. Better to find out sooner rather than later, right? :)
    Good luck!

    • Very scary! I guess next time I see him, I'll make sure we get super drunk so I'm more prepared to ask this question. Thank you for the input :) I think that's the best option here.

    • BAHAHA! Awesome :D that's one way to do it =3
      Let me know how you go, and try not to be too scared, you guys already have the basics going right.
      I mean, COME ON, you're both musically inclined :P what's not to like? XD

    • Haha exactly :) maybe it's a perfect match.

  • You're 2 people who fuck each other.
    I'd call that a monogamous sexual relationship. For your sake, it had better be that way (monogamous).

    • Well I recently found out he's not talking to anyone else. So that's good haha.

  • relax, talk to him about it
    he is your partner so he can answer these question in a much better way then we can

  • Sexy Cuddlers :)


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