Girlfriend likes someone else but still "loves" me. What do I do?

Ok so my gf has a friend who she's been hanging out with he an her nothing serious. She said they were friends, and to trust her. Which I did but now she tells me she likes him but loves me still... she sort of explained that she is on the fence but loves me...

I'm super into her a honestly want to marry her, but it "feels" (no facts involved) like we are falling apart but she's covering it up and "trying" to appear ok. Again how I feel there not facts..

I just need... help please...


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  • Fuck it. If you love somebody, or like somebody enough, you don't feel on the fence about it. I mean, would it be hard for you to choose between her and another girl? Well, it'd probably be an easier choice for you than it is for her.
    Leave her for somebody who's more sure.

    • I honestly right now wouldn't leave her for the "hottest girl on earth"

    • Exactly. She clearly isn't doing the same for you. It's no different for guys or girls, don't give somebody more than they give you. You put your all in, while she hangs out with other guys, including one she likes. These aren't the signs of a good woman or a loyal partner. Staying with her now, could lead to major heartbreak in the future, much much worse than what you're feeling right now.

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  • Are you ok buddy

  • I know this probably isn't the answer you were hoping for but if she can't decide who she wants.. Move on. Before you get your heart broken leave. Dont allow her to be the one to control your feelings and have you waiting around for her to make up her mind. You might be into her but it isn't worth it. If she ends up loving someone else there is nothing you can do but sit and watch I've been in this situation and it left me depressed for months. I know its hard to leave but listen to your own intuition

    • Well she and I broke up once before do to her cheating...
      My heart is just a pain on the ass :(

    • Leave her. Focus on yourself. Go out, have a good time. The most I allow myself to feel down is a week after that I HAVE to get it together. You'll find someone who deserves you and won't feel on the "fence" about your relationship. You deserve better

    • True... love I guess really bites

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  • To hell with that.

    You don't need a girl who's on the fence like that.

    • So break it off?

    • Yes.
      The situation is going to deteriorate from this point, and losing her could be a very hurtful and drawn-out process.

      Hindsight is 20/20.
      You have to ask yourself; The same things that she's doing to you, would you do them to someone you love? Would you do them to her? No, because she takes priority and you aren't doubtful about how exclusively you feel about her.

      This is not a battle that can be won.
      She really can't be coaxed and you need to remove yourself from the situation before she eventually cheats on you.
      And considering she felt it necessary to even tell you bout her feelings for this other guy, don't you think she might have already slept with him and she's feeling guilty? Else, why say anything?

      Probably not what you wanted to hear, but it's honest.
      I've seen it too many times.

  • Not to sound to harsh but it sounds like your relationship is already over. At this point you are an option that she is still only with because she feels too guilty to dump you, or because she isn't sure how this other guy feels yet. At best you are a backup plan.

    Trust is not the same as blind faith. Look through her phone and I will bet her relationship with this guy has gone a lot further than you think. If she has deleted her history, or won't let you look then she is cheating already and you should dump her.