Why would he want to be with me if he thinks I'm annoying and we fight a lot?

My bf and I have been dating a little over a year. We live together n have been for most of our relationship. It almost feels like we are married because of the way we argue. He has lied about dumb stuff before so I don't trust him 100%. Which I have had trust issues for awhile due to my exes. We fight and sometimes we both say mean things. Since about our 1 year anniversary which was in August we haven't been doing it as much lately. He says he has never cheated on me. And thay some nights he is not in the mood or I am fighting with him so he doesn't want to. I understand these are reasonable reasons. But still makes me wonder. He gets annoyed by me and never tries to make our relationship better. I've asked if he wanted to take a break or break up and he says no that he wants to stay together. Sometimes he can be a jerk which he says he treats me like a queen. Which is not true. His dad and brother can be the same way to their wives so it runs in the family. I want to leave him somedays but then I know I'd miss him so I don't end it. I just keep putting myself through the stress and pain because I love him. I just don't know why he says he still wants to be with me when yet I annoy him and we fight all the time.

Does anyone have any advice


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  • I swear I'm going through the exact same thing. But then you have to ask yourself why haven't you left either. I guess it's just easier staying with your boyfriend/girlfriend and trying to make it work then going out and trying to find another person.