Will I ever date again?

Me and my ex dated for 4 years and the last year has been horrible.. its been on and off <-- mostly off he was my first love.. but will I ever date again? will I ever let my wall down? I haven't been with anyone in almost 2 years I feel like I cant.. guys don't come up to me I dk if I'm just not appealing or something? lol but I don't get it.. right now it doesn't feel like I will ever be happy again and actually find someone who loves me and will treat me right. Do amazing boyfriends actually exist? will I date again


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  • Once again I can assure you - love will happen to you again ;)

    It's just a matter of time and you gotta believe in yourself! Especially the last part, have faith in your own being and doing and just be the person you are. Only then it is, that someone will find you and you will find him!

  • =(

    if you ever need to vent you can vent to me

    but time heals all wound

    im sorry I could be more help


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