Does she like me or is just nice?

So I like one of my coworkers but she works in a different department. Sometimes at work when it's really slow and there is nothing to do me and two other guys I work with have lip sync battles while we clean the room. I was asking her and her friend the other day what I should sing. She said it sounds fun and wanted to go? I figure next time I'll just say hey well let me get your number and I'll let you know when we're doing it again. Now we are not friends just to get that clear. I only really talk to her when I see her. Her and her friend have also brought me food at work before. She is also comfortable with touching me. I just can't tell if she is being nice or if she is interested.


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  • You could just ask her out and see. As a girl, any guy who is nice and has the courage to ask me out, I would probably go. Its bold but not necessarily bad.

    • Thanks but if you had to take a guess what is your opinion? I just want girls views

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    • Yay!! I'm so happy for you!

    • Thanks for MHO!

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