Overthinking situations and its driving me crazy, What can I do?

I've been seeing a girl for about a month just dating we have so much in common she makes me feel good, smile, she's very affectionate as am I, Safe to say I've fallen for her more than I originally planned and she says she's falling for me more and more everyday, She also mentioned she is still getting over her ex and is being careful not to hurt me and trying not to get hurt herself (They're still friends)
Basically I overthink everything. I don't bombard her with messages or anything I do one for one, But certain things I overthink are.
Why is she on Facebook but hasn't replied to me?
Does she really like me?
She seems a bit quiet and reserved, What have I done wrong? Has she changed her mind on me?
past couple of days it also seems like i've been initiating conversations, Do I wait for her to come to me? or what
One of my problems is I'm treating it like she's the one and that she's my life which I know isn't good especially since were only just dating.
I probably sound freaking crazy but, Yeah!


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  • I'm in the same boat as you right now; my advice is to keep yourself busy with other things right now and possibly pursue other women as I am doing just in case it.

    Good luck, bud.

    • Shoot, I'm #3 on this boat. This is the worst thing that can happen to men sometimes and nobody deserves it, but you're right. Have plans.

    • It fucking sucks but ultimately how she feels matters more than how we (the men) do.

      Again, best of luck, guys.

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