Should I just wait him out?

To make a REALLY long story short...

I met a man 3 months ago. We had sex too quickly (2nd date). He's VERY busy with grad school and a full time job. After a while I started to have feelings for him. He started saying things that implied that he has feeling for me ("I like you, Do you like me? " conversations and pet names out of nowhere).

Here's the most recent drama...

I asked him this week if he only felt that we were a casual relationship and he said "I guess so" and "I'm extremely busy right now". I tried to "break up" with him but he pulled the "We don't have to have sex but can we still be friends?" bullshit and started telling how much of a good person I am. I ended up back pedalling and told him that I was sorry for trying to rush him into a relationship that he wasn't ready for and really doesn't have time for at the moment. He's now started calling me pet names again and telling me that we will talk about all this later. He working his finals right now so he doesn't have much time to talk about this right now.

The question is...

Should I still entertain the idea of being in a relationship down the road with him? I feel like if I give him time (a few more months) when things slow down for him he will start to feel the way that I feel about him.


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  • Listen to your heart and decide if you want him.

    • Me and my heart had a really long talk and we've decided that, yes, we want him. What I'm asking is, is it WORTH waiting on him to be ready? Do mean change they're minds after they say that don't want a relationship?

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