How do I know if "the chase" is happening?

So I always text the guy I'm interested in first, and he always replies back quickly, which I take as a positive. It's kind of getting old now though, so I figure I'm going to lay off a little and see if he reaches out at all.

A friend of mine told me that guys like it when they think they have to come after you and pursue you, but personally, I would take that as being annoying, haha. I was just wondering what the real deal is here. I think regardless I'm going to stop texting first so often, just because you know, the ball is in his court. But I also don't want to be disappointed if he actually doesn't text me. Hopefully if he's interested, he will?


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  • I don't like chasing, infact I never do it. My ego is way too big for that, lol. I like more of the 'game' where she'll chase me then pull away, then I'll chase her and then pull away. It's exciting to do that for a while before you start to go into a relationship.

    You've chased him by texting him first, he's shown his interest by replying back fast. Now reverse the roles like you were planning. Done text him, he'll start to wonder why you haven't, then he'll text you and the game begins lol. Try to expect that he won't text back, that way you'll be happy if he does and you won't care if he doesn't. I know it's easier said than done, but just don't worry about these things too much.


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  • a guy would chase you if he likes u
    u liking him back or not doesn't really makes a difference
    its having you that does

  • If you think he wants to date you, this is a good strategy to see if he'll man up. If he doesn't... next!


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