Why does she stick her nose up at any of my ideas to meetup?

This girl lives about an hour away from me so it's kind of hard for me to figure out what we could do. She was free this evening so I asked if I could pick her up and we could go bowling or just figure something else out together. She didn't like bowling, and I really couldn't think of anything else and she didn't have any ideas. I know bowling really isn't that fun, but I would think that if a girl liked a guy she would be up for just about anything. We've been on one date already. What do I do in this situation? She's kind of flaky and I don't really have a whole lot of patience for that.


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  • Okay, my opinion, if she's flaky DONT KEEO TRYING. because girls wwho are flaky will, once you two are in a relationship, will cheat on you.


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