A guy end up seeing a female customer he met from work. Can it be a reality?

First of all, I am not stupid enough to hit on female customer! Some female customers that talked to me were cute, but never once I tried to hit on them, until this really cute girl that I had small talks with yesterday.

I regretted letting her go so soon. After she left for women's section, I thought I could tell her things like if you were shopping at men's section for your boyfriend or something, I could help. If she somehow says I don't have a boyfriend, I would try to make a connection. If she doesn't feel too uncomfortable, I would tell her I would like to talk to you again some time without asking for her number to see how it goes from there. Should I consider this sort of approach next time if the situation is right. Or I should just not put my job in jeopardy at all, no matter how well things go?

If I were a girl, I wouldn't report the guy to management unless he comes on too strong or was really creepy and forceful.


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  • I say go for it... anything is possible


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