Sooooo... feelings you get on a first date, should I trust them?

Anyways, I was mostly curious about folks initial gut feelings on a date. So anyways I just got back from a date, and it went okay? (lol) Anyways this girl and I originally had plans to just meet up and grab drinks. we kept talking for quite a while, and then we decided to go grab some food. However, there were a couple times where I could tell we both said something that just didn't sit right with one another. However, there were times where things were going really nicely. Now my gut is telling me that I probably shouldn't go on a second date with her, yet we have a lot in common and seem to have the same sense of humor.

So the question is how do most other folks first dates go? (just want to hear how it goes for other GaGs) Also, how much should I trust what my gut is trying to tell me?


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  • It is normal to have some awkward moments. If the overall feel was good and she didn't say something about biting heads off kittens, ask her for another. Date two is where things proceed or fall apart after a so-so first date.

  • First dates can sometimes be very awkward which is why I like to give someone a second date before I make up my mind about them. I'd say that unless she said stuff that was seriously offensive to you go on a second date.


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