Is he only interested in sex because he visits me once a month? Should I start playing hard to get & get him to spend more time with me?

I heard "playing hard to get' is the best way to keep him interested, but already made the mistake of sleeping with him 2 times ( he's damn sexy). Been seeing his guy about 3 months now, we have only hung out like 3/4 x's times & usually ends up sleeping over. We use to see one another a few years ago, but ended it cuz of some baby mama drama with his ex. We usually have some drinks & party when we are together, have some of my friends over usually, just watch a movie, cook/eat. He has come to see me 2 x in person after & 2 x after, but told me he was shy, I know he tried to see me because he tagged his name on my front porch & a on beer bottle & i know his graffti. We talk online every 2-3 days on average, he tells me about whats going on in his life, his kid, his so called plans for the future for us, funny things, flirts with me, tell me sweet nothings, etc, have complained about him not seeing see me, making plans to see me and doesn't, etc, my life, good things happening, basic stuff he tells me, our convos also not sexual. The first time we started seeing one another he ends up coming to meet me at the library, we drink and then he crash's at my me and my roomates place. ( On sept 7) 2nd time ( october) . I've msged him 2x after that to spend time together, lst time was for my bday, ( nov 6) ( he did answer this) asked where he was & asked too chill the day after he said was gonna stop by to see me he didn't show up ( NOV 5), he did tag his name on the porch 2 days later. 2 weeks go by, miss him i message him a 2nd time 2 make plans, he says he heading off to the shelter house. 3 weeks go by, he pops by & sleeps over, went to apt this morn, come bk, he leavin, says he will get coffee, wait 2 hrs, get mad cuz its been 2 hrs, message him, tell him i dont want to b friends and have a nice life. He replys" pffft k", I say: gave u chance and u blew it, then he says he's still @ coffee shop & that lights went off and was trying to take a shit for 30 mins & is sorry.


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  • first off we share the birthday so heyyyyyyyyyy a hug

    now to your problem
    hard to get will make this guy go further away from you, he is trying his best to be there for you but his life is too messy right now, be patient and he will get his act together and next time be sober when you hook up with him

    • How can you tell he's trying his best? i don't know if this means anything, i stay/live with my mom and when he comes over, he chills out with her, my step dad. ya thanks for the Bday gift!

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