What would turn you off a girl?

Guys what would turn you off a girl, make you not want to spend time with her?


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  • Let's see, I can probably get a nice list going:

    - If she smokes (Tobacco, weed, or anything else)
    - Overly controlling or possessive
    - Had a paranoia that I was trying to hook up with people other than her
    - Saying "I love you" way too soon
    - Spitting.
    - Intentionally acting dumb
    - Not showing interest in me
    - Personal hygiene issues. (Shouldn't need to be said, but)
    - Had any positive notion of PETA


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  • Feeling like she is into someone else, she stink's, she's rude, she fart's or burps all the time. Or maybe i would just be into someone else so that's where all my attention would go. The possibilities are just insane.

  • Her smoking would pretty much do that.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm guessing:
    -flirting a lot with other men aswell as him
    -trying to make him jealous (when your plan is to get his attention)
    That is it so far.. I know there is a load more but meh lol (those 3 listed sounds legit)

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