Do guys actually listen to their friends?

I really like this guy and last week he told me he liked me too but he's been kind of hesitant and standoffish. The other night at a party his roommate came up to me and told me they wanted us to get together and that they thought I was perfect for him. They even said they've been dropping hints about me all the time but that they wanted to have a serious conversation with the guy about it because they thought he was being scared and that he needed to stop being stupid. They told me that he's been hurt in the past and so he doesn't think that people could like him. Now granted they were the ones that came to me and told me all this. If your friends were giving you this type of advice would you take their advice seriously or would you just disregard it.


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  • I would! But, he may not. If you like him, and he's stand offish, you'll need to drive this. And, a person whose been hurt, may take things very slowly. It may be that you have to earn his trust. So, don't rush things, and at the same time, don't be invisible. Be in his life.

    • That's the thing, he didn't start acting standoffish until the night we told each other that we liked each other and we kissed. Does that mean he is reconsidering the situation or that he may just be scared of taking the next step and putting himself put there.

    • He is scared of taking the next step. Think about it, last time he did this, he was hurt.

    • True... it's a scary thing to do for anyone! Especially if you've been hurt. I guess I'm gonna have to force myself to be the less scared one. Lol

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  • @275153
    Good advice!

    • Would you take their advice to heart or would you ignore it?

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    • Then I would, if I were you, take their advice to heart. :)

    • Awesome! Thank you!

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