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So I recently started texting with this older guy... he's 30... so besides the age thing, I'm not sure if he likes me or just wanted to text once to see how I was or whatever.. so I'm curious as to how I should be? he's a pretty busy guy so I understand when he takes awhile to respond to my texts but I fell asleep and he had sent 'goodnight'.. should I reply in the morning to that saying I fell asleep? we have only been texting for like 3 days so I know it's nothing serious or anything but he asked for my number and texted me... then the other 2 maybe 3 days i texted him.. so should I text him in the morning saying that or just wait and test to see if he would text me?


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  • You don't have to tell him in the morning you fell asleep or something. Unless he asked you something it isn't that important. I think it's good to wait to let him text you but there should be times when you have to initiate too. Like try to make it even. If you have been texting him first all the time then let him start the conversations next time.

    • so then I just don't text him in the morning? play it cool? and since we both have iPhones he can see when I've read his message.. do I just turn that feature of so it doesn't tell him when I read it?

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    • day 1: no text

    • When he texts be sure to tell me :)

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