How do you tell a guy you just want to be friends?

He is very adamant about a relationship. I've known him for about a week and a half now. He is already talking about his past relationships, sex life and future. Since I am not the one to be rude, I listen to him. He knows I have never been in a relationship, never had a first kiss and has never had sex. I really enjoy talking to him. He makes me laugh and we agree about everything (most of the time). I feel like I am not "relationship" material.


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  • If he trys to ask you out and you still feel like you aren't ready say no in the nicest way and tell him that you have no expirence and just want to stay friends if you change your mind let nature take its course and do it if you are up to it


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  • "I'm about to fz you brush why you mad"


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