What shall I do to get over this pain and thoughts...?

This is true that I loved a girl and I was dating her fro past 2 years and she had many problems at her home because of our relationship. Her dad passed away and her relatives and mom were to look after her. They created problems and we were unable to meet for quit long time.by the time when we used to meet we were physically involved but no intercourse. I was unable to meet her and I did a mistake by having shower with a girl. I agree its my mistake but she left me. Its been 3 years ago we broke up but I still cry for her and she is in my heart forever .I can't love any girl other than her. And I never spoke to her since we broke up. Shall I talk to her..? I quit dating girls after her and I don't want to date any one am living with the hope that I will get her back help me what shall I do..?


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  • Well it seems as if you still have a lot of feelings for her, and maybe you feel a bit guilty about the way things between you two had to end, especially after such a long run. Maybe you should try talking to her and let her know how you feel because sometimes its healthy to get those kind of things off your chest; and who knows, that may be all you need to do to get yourself over her.

    • But even if I take her name I get emotional and if she says she has someone now then I might cry or never come over thiws pain again

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