Advice needed for Straightforwardness, vagueness and my dating situation?

So here's the situation, I've known this girl for about 6 months and through that time I've become attracted to her which eventually led me to asking her out on a date successfully

The date felt average, no awkward pauses but no exact 'spark', important part is that I still really like her and date ended on a hug

Now I've asked her out on a second date, which we can't do for like a month since she goes overseas and she replies with a "Yeah Maybe :)"
lol I don't like this reply its like yes and maybe and smiley and feels like something sweet and salty at the same time
and I have to confirm the date when she comes back

and now you should know I like being straightforward If someone doesn't like something they should just tell me rather than hand me a teddy bear and poke me slowly
So I'm planning on being straightforward at the end of the date and telling her I like her and she is amazing but I want to ask her if the feeling is mutual.

Girls and Guys, please give me some advice I am pretty inexperienced when it comes to dating and relationships honestly and loads of thanks in advanced!


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  • The fact that she added a smiley face could mean she's interested but wants to play it cool. Obviously the worst-case scenario is that she's not into you and is just being vague/polite - let's hope that's not the case.

    Asking her point-blank if she likes you could be the only way to find out her real feelings, but wait and see how the second date goes before asking. You seem to really like her, so why not go in for a kiss at the end of the night? If that's too forward for you, tell her you can't stop wanting to kiss her and see how she reacts. If she smiles/blushes and seems flattered, you're good. If she seems nervous or awkward and doesn't really respond, you'll have your answer. And if she has a great poker face and you can't read her at all, that's your chance to ask how she feels about you. Good luck!

    • I'll ask her some cute stuff like that and gauge her interest then be straightforward hopefully it goes well, thanks for the advice!

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    • Thanks for MHO!

    • no problem, you deserve it! :)

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  • I feel like she said yes, but she didn't want to seem too eager. If she didn't want to go she would have most likely said something like "we'll see" or "I'll let you know" or just not have replied at all and used the excuse that she's "too busy". A lot of girls don't want to seem like they're too interested. Just be straight forward, as I'm sure you are. Also, tell her that you like being straight forward, she should know this and if you date she'll have to ease out of the vagueness and maybe even break out of it. It will get annoying after some time. Good luck!

  • Her response was odd. If she actually goes on the date with you when she returns then be straight up and see where that gets you.

    • thanks for responding! it was an odd response, I guess I need to be patient until she comes back

    • Also, try not to contact her the whole time she is gone. Give it a week after she returns until you ask her about the date, I know it will be tough but you don't want to appear to eager

  • It's only your second date. She might need some time. Give her time to see if she likes you. Yes, it'll be hard if you really like her, but she needs to see if she likes you. Don't worry! I would probably say the same thing. She was probably nervous also!


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