Is this wrong to want my freeing to break up with his girlfriend?

Is it wrong for me to want my friend to break up with his gf soon so I can be with him?

She lives 2500 miles away and he and I are stationed together (military) and after Christmas he won't be able to go home until at least September of next year. She's his gf from high school and he's mentioned that he's not very into her before and acts as such, but seems to have a good time around me.

So is it wrong for me to want them to break up? No I do not plan to do anything about it or become a rebound if they do.


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  • Personally I say it is wrong if you act out on it and enforce or encourage it but for you to want and have that feeling is okay since we all desire something in our lives.

    • That's not something I would ever do is take away something that makes him happy.

    • Then yeah it's fine.

What Girls Said 1

  • Yes it is wrong. Have some respect.

    • I am not going to do anything to make them breakup. I don't flirt with him or anything like that. I just sort of want it to happen on it's own.

    • Ok well that's normal i guess