Is it ok for a guy to date girls who are far younger than him?

Hey everybody!!
So far my questions in this site have only been dating related coz I wanna start dating again. To tell u my story... I'm 23 years old and I've started studying so yea m back to college 2 pursue my masters. So yea... in this college most of the girls r in their bachelors or under grads. So yea most of them r younger than me by most 6 to 3 years. Hence, it's really awkward for me.. So I wanna ask u all as to how to approach them and whether it's all right for me to date girls having this kinda of an age gap

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Most Helpful Girl

  • A long as they over legal min. age for consent wherever you are. You're only 23, you're really young, just approach the girl like you would anyone else and go from there, flirt with them a little and see how they react. That age range for your age seems perfectly fine. 3-6 years is not a significant age gap, it's a very normal one. In fact I only date guys who are at least 3 years older than me. Obviously it varies from person to person, but it's a small gap and not something you should worry about.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Youngest you should pursue is 18.
    But I'd say 20-25 is ideal.

  • Depends. The way I always look at it is how old I was when they were born.


What Guys Said 2

  • I reckon you should keep it over 20 and be mature with them, act like who you are
    the age gap isn't anything to worry about, we aren't really talking about creepy old wrinkly man talking to teenage girls here.

    Approach them as you would normally, if they really do like you nobody would give a goats butt about age and remember if you meet someone special, when you're 63, they'll be a close 60 simples!

  • As long as she is over 18

    • Yea? How do I approach them without being a creep

    • That's harder. Going to bars and hitting on them normally like you would any other girl is the best. If they seem uninterested then leave so you don't appear creepy or desperate.

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