Is it wrong that I want my best friend to break up with her boyfriend?

Well the thing is that my bestfriends boyfriend treats her like shit and always fights with her and always makes her feel like shit and want to kill herself cause he makes her feel like she's a useless piece of shit. And i really hope they break up because i really like her and she deserves to be treated way better then she is now. she's always coming to me crying that she doesn't know what to do snymore cause her boyfriend keeps putting her down and makes her feel worthless. She deserves somebody that treats her like she should be treated. Is it bad that i hope they break up and i tell her that she should but its to hard because she loves him a lot im really worried about her.


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  • if the reason is because he is a dick, then there's nothing wrong with that
    if it's because you want her, that's messed up

    • Well her bf is a dick a real big one but yes i do want her too. But i dont think any women should be treated like she does its just fucked up and not right.

    • well, she probably isn't interested in you so don't get hurt :/

    • I don't know she's told me that she likes me more than her bf but she was really shit faced when she told me so I don't know.

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  • It's not wrong. You're just looking out for your friend. That's what friends do. But be honest with yourself, do you have feelings for her? Do you think that you'd be happy for her if she dated someone else or would you feel that no guy is good enough for her? You may like her but you might feel in denial

    • Well yes i do have feelings for her but if she dated another guy and treated her like she should be i would be happy for her. And yes im in love with her but in the end the only thing that matters to me is to see her happy with or without me.

  • No I want my best friend to brake up with his girlfriend but he told me he loves me so that why i want it


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  • It depends on the girl... she loves him like u said... so yea it's gonna b an uphill task for u.
    She'll realize it sometime... when she does I bet she'll be really grateful...