Still no luck with the ladies !?

Hi guys, just wanted all yours opinions on this, do you think it is possible to be "universally unappealing to all women? I've tried everything, casual approaches, friendly chat approaches, dating sites and have recvd no replies and haven't recvd any messages which leads me to depressingly come to the conclusion that I am universally unappealing to all women, I seem to have in what I look like a quality that is not liked by all, I don't know really how to move forward with it all, but I'm a lonely guy who wishes someone would like me.

Any more?


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  • dont worry. im going to be all cheesy here and say, "be yourself. if they dont like you for who you are, then theyre not worth it". Its true!!!
    That being said, i have a few tips tho.
    1. chill out. i think maybe you're stressing out too much with girls and trying too hard. that might be turning people off. Chill and see where things will take you. It'll work better. and if it doesn't, who cares? you dont need a girl immediately and anyways you just gained yourself a friend :)
    2. be unique. dont just be that guy she who never does anything interesting. have your own qualities. like maybe you play piano beautifully. i don't know. just dont like bombard her with info about your life, tho (see number one )
    3. well try to look nice. in a relationship a girl doesn't really care too much about your looks but thats what initially sparks interest. try to dress well usually. if you have a beard, keep it nice looking, if you dont, shave well. keep clean , dont smell, stuff like that. try to be healthy, and exercise a bit. dont get me wrong, everyone's beautiful, but it wouldn't hurt to look good, right?
    good luck!!!

    • Hi thanks for your advice, I do usually chill out but that usually means I would make no attempts to speak to any girl so I don't feel i im under pressure, but the moment I want to do that again if Im talking to someone I like, I become anxious again, so it's like a vicious circle. Can't girls just accept that guys can't be super cool all the time and understand that they will be anxious if making an approach.

    • girls can understand that just sayinn. just ignore the fact that you have to be all cool. be yourself you'll see. and before you say, oh, what does a teenage girl know about all of this? 1. I graduated early and im in college. 2. i am studying human behavior (psicology). so yeah, i know my stuff. just think of a girl as another friend you have. also, maybe try keeping good posture and keep your chin up. it may make you feel better and more in control, plus it resonates confidence and security in a male.

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  • Get yourself out where you'll meet people and have faith on yourself


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  • Well I'm going to tell you like this: most women expects single men around your age to be financially stable. It's not you're universally unattractive although women do care about looks but mostly it's not the deciding factor.

    • Well if it's just about the money, I should have no problem, but it still seems I do.

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