What are some signs a guy is falling for you?

So me & my guy friend was seeing each other for a year and a half. He was scared of getting hurt & pushed me away as I'm the first girl in a long time he genuinely actually likes. (Since his ex cheated on him 3 years ago). In that time I thought he was falling for me but when we argued he said he never came close to it.

He would do small things that made me think he was falling for me, like wanting to make sure I was okay when I was ill, giving me his side of the bed so he could cuddle me, holding my hand while we slept, kissing me on my shoulder good night, happy that I could confide in him, would worry about other guys. Telling me wherever we'd go would be special because I was there & how he would always have time for me. He wanted to know what was on my bucket list so he could help me. Did he just like me? Or was he falling for me?


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  • OK first off WOW just wow, I have heard of opposite gender friends cuddling hell even sleeping together on rare occasionally but not only is he doing that but kissing your shoulder as he says goodnight. That just seems extremely intimate in my book. But hey maybe Im alone. Also all the caring for your bucket list and telling you that your special and all that stuff. It sounds like he likes you, but judging from what you said it sounds like he might be really really beat up over the stuff with his ex. Here is a question does he hang out with any other females?

    • We was seeing each other. So things were intimate between us, and he wasn't seeing any other girls

    • Guys tend to always be looking at least in some way even if not very seriously. If he is really only talking to you for over a year I would say thats another pretty big sign.

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  • it´s funny becasue im in the same situation with a girl, she broke with her long term boyfiend and she´s been taking care of me when i´m ill, etc . But when i asked her out she said, that she doesn't want to ruin things with me and now i dont know what to think...

  • read his actions, actions speak louder than words. this is the best to figure out what's going on.


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