My new date is also a virgin but aren't her parents too strict?

After breaking up with my previous gf due to different views on sex, I started dating this new girl at my college for nearly two weeks.

So we do have a lot in common such we're both virgins but aren't necessarily waiting till marriage (her stand on this is waiting for a relationship with someone like-minded), go to science clubs, doesn't have a partying past and have an extended family.

Anyways sure I had to meet her parents but they were getting annoyed with talking too much about they raised her and that she'll wait till marriage, etc. Then off course I have to follow their curfew. I gotta this is the only thing I had no problem with my ex gf's parents as I got along with them right from the start and there was no curfew either.

Our ages... I turned 20 last month and she's 19.

If only they knew I'm not the typical party guy trying to get in her pants. I think like her too and I'm a virgin myself as well. I didn't want to lose it to my ex gf.
But we're not dead set on waiting till marriage either. Part from that, everything seems ok but her parents it's like I have to work so hard. Way harder than my ex gf's parents.


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  • You only just met them, right? Give them some time to get to know you. They will start to trust you as long as you don't give them a reason not to. Get to know her parents and let them get to know you. They're likely not as strict as you think they are. And the curfew thing - follow it with no hesitation. She still lives at home so her parents rules are in place here.

    • True and the reason this is a surprise to me is because I was so used to how my ex gf's parents were (no talks about marriage and very friendly to everyone) and I have to admit it kind of felt like an interrogation, esp with her father but ok.
      Yes, I'll follow the curfew.

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    • Yeah, she's not even religious either (another thing we have in common.. I'm atheist and she agnostic). She was bored with the ''till marriage'' conversation.

    • Thanks for MH. Hope it's working out for you.

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  • Firstly you need to stop comparing the 2 sets of parents... wait her parents told u that she's not having sex until marriage... wow And she still has a curfew at 19... wow that's depressing

    • Yes, she lives with her parents. After that talk, she told me that she isn't even thinking about marriage yet and would just be ok with being in a relationship and finishing her major.

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    • Well she sounds very very nice even if her parents are crack pots

    • That's what I like about her; that she's nice, smart and not religious. It's just sad that she can't be her own person while still living with her parents.

  • It sounds a lot like you're hoping to bone their virgin daughter. Good match or not, pops isn't going to be cheering you on. :P

    • Where do I make it sound like I want to get into her pants? I did break up with my previous gf because we had different views on sex and didn't lose it to her; she way too liberal (as in having no problems with casual sex when you're single) while I always believed be more meaningful.
      I'm sure you would be happy too if you found someone like-minded. In addition, I could also see she was bored with the ''till marriage'' conversation. She doesn't want to wait till marriage, she wants to wait till she's ready and in a relationship.

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    • I was just being realistic. Most people I know want a normal, healthy sexual relationship, go to college, finish their major and then have kids later on.
      I get that there might be certain individual that want to wait till marriage because either their strong belief on that or religious purpose but most would just be ok with a committed relationship in their 20's. Even she doesn't even think about marriage. She didn't like their conversation either and truly was embarrassed by it.

    • Her parents may have saved themselves. It's just something you run into - sometimes people's families have different beliefs and lifestyles than you and you've just got to try to be courteous.

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  • Most respectable parents are going to be protective. As long as she lives under their roof there will be rules and curfews. Like musicbrain5 said, work with her parents, not against them. You will get way further ahead if you play their game and earn their trust.

  • If she lives at home, you have to follow her rules, just ignore what they said... don't let it bother you.

    • Ok, have no problem with that. Just wish they could one day trust me. I think like her too. I don't have a partying past either.

    • Y'all have only been together 2 weeks, give it time.

    • ok...

  • Was your previous girlfriend more or less liberal about sex? I'm guessing more going by what you said about her parents.

    What is the curfew? She's an adult, you don't need to meet her parents guidelines unless she expects you to.

    • My previous gf was way more liberal to the point, I couldn't handle it. With her, she had no problems having casual sex and a couple threesomes when she was single while during all my HS years and all this time, I would decline opportunities because that's how I felt. That while not necessarily till marriage, I did wanted it to be meaningful in a relationship.

      She's what I've been looking for, a girl that shares my same views, is a virgin too but not religious waiting till marriage.

    • She's not religious and her parents expect her to wait until marriage? That is bizarre, it's up to her not them.

    • I know right. Weird. I'm going to assume that they are putting the show of being protective parents for now but slowly will start trusting me as time passes by. She's also isn't even thinking about marriage. What she finds more important is doing well in school and finishing college, which I agree. Nothing more boring than bimbos who can't hold a smart conversation, think cooking and clean is enough (I cook and clean myself) and they do nothing but rely on a guy's wealth... ugh.

  • So what's the problem? There is no problem here.

    • Would be cool if her parents trusted me. My father put that ''Don't mess with her'' look on his face. Apart from that, everything's ok. But just wondering, will they start trusting me more if more time past by.

    • Obviously, yes.