Would/could you date someone who is really close friends with an e?

i'm in a wonderful relationship and things are going brilliantly :3
but all i seem to hear about is her ex, how he travels like she wants to, how he owns the car she wants.
they talk a lot, and were in a 5yr relationship before.

i know i may come of insecure, and to be honest.. i am, but is this just me over thinking?
what would you do?

sorry, spelling mistake in the title


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  • Why did they split up and how long ago? I have to admit, I'd be uncomfortable too.

    • 2 years ago, she said she got bored and he wanted to settle down

    • I'm not an ultimatum kind of person, so if I were you, I'd try to arrange it to where you were all together. Dinner party, house party, group meet up at a bar, double date, SOMETHING.

      I think you need to watch the two of them in person to see how they act around each other. I'm NOT saying that she's cheating, I'm saying that one or both might be carrying a torch and if so, you need to protect yourself.

      I'm still friendly with many of my exes, but they've become asexual to me now. I don't talk to them more than a couple times a year, we aren't BFFs, and I'd be 100% ok with my husband tagging along if we met up. Actually, I'm friends with the exes girlfriends. I like them more. Better them than me.

    • thanks for ya input, helps :3

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  • If I were your girl, assuming I had a close friendship with an ex, I would mention the fact that we keep in touch but I wouldn't give you so many details. Maybe she is giving all the details to prove to you that she isn't hiding anything, but honestly I think exes should be kept at an arm's length.

    I also find it a bit disrespectful towards you


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