Too busy to text.. Should I move on?

I started talking w this guy on okc we talked kind of a small conversation it seemed he was busy and then we didn't talk for like a week and he messaged me again, I find this weird Bc we live in different countries ( 3 hours away ) so I'm not sure why he'd be so persistent in talking to me if he was in hook up zone. We exchanged numbers and his texting has been short and sparse even though he always initiates the conversation. I know he is a hardworking guy and very busy but I'm just wondering what SHOULD I tell him.. Should I try it for a few more days and see if it gets better or just tell him if I come to his city I'll let him know but he's too busy for me now.. I hate texting like this but I do think he could be a good match & I don't think he's intentionally being like this Bc he's initiating all conversation.


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  • If you are genuinely interested in someone you'll make time for them always. There's no excuse and someone who is into another person won't try look for one either. If you feel like he's flaking or not doing much then bring it up and talk about it. That's the only way he'll know what's on your mind. I agree with you that texting like that is really annoying and you shouldn't have to put up with someone who doesn't want to make a effort or set aside time to have a decent conversation with you.


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  • Move on. Plenty more, esp on okc


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  • Nobody is ever too busy to send a text it takes 2 seconds to do but if he initiates it he's lettin u know he's thinkin bout u

    • So I should stick it out for a few more days & see if it gets better?

    • Yup or find somebody else who has time