Keep this friends with benefits thing going?

I have been back to this guy I work with's house 2 weekends in a row.
When I stayed over this weekend he was kissing me heaps, we had amazing sex, he even kissed me goodbye when he went to work.
At work we flirt a tiny bit & we text a bit outside work, but not heaps.
I'm only here for 3 months so I don't want anything serious, but i want to keep this sleeping-together-momentum going rather than have it fade away. I also don't want to be clingy!


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  • I think you are over thinking the whole thing, I think you have already created the perfect NSA. You both care for each other, there is love but you both know it can't amount to anything because you are leaving. This is simple, dont mention anything, dont talk about it, just be yourself and enjoy the time you spend together as much as you can. Live the moment as you are in that moment right now. Keep doing what you are doing and make the best out of it.


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