Do you think he liked me, then why did he reject me?

He looked at me everyday, sometimes got shy/nervous around me. His friends kept teasing me about him.
Do you think he liked me?
If yes, then why on earth did he reject me when i asked him for coffee?


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  • Maybe he had other plans things to do, or if he´s really shy (I get very nervous when a girl asks me out and do not know how to react) you should try asking him out againt the next week or so, if rejects you again, try to ignore him for a bit and see how he reacts, if he doesn't care at all, it´s not worth it to keep trying.

    • He ignored me, then i ignored him back and he tried to talk to me and get my attetntion. So i guess he does care

  • He may have chickened out or had other things to do or just not interested in such things due to all sorts of personal issues.


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