Would you feel the same way or not at all?

I had been dating for a while now and we are thinking about moving in together. He is separated with a small child. The mother only sees the child once a month if that, and i see the child everyday all day.

When he talks to his mom on the phone his daddy usually helps him with what to say. Most of the time I'm not there when they talk on the phone to her because it just makes me feel out of place and I feel its best like that. When the little one brings me up when i'm there his dad usually goes ok tell mommy goodnight and ends the conversation. She knows about me and our relationship so im not sure why he does this. When the dad/myboyfriend says things for the little one to say i get a little mad at my boyfriend because I'm just sitting there and they are like did you tell mommy this and that. It hurts my feelings a little bit.

Has anyone else felt like this?


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  • i suspect that regardless of why those two separated it is not easy for anyone. So perhaps he just feels it is best to keep his business with you as separate from her as possible. Maybe there is more, but probably not.

    Perhaps you just need to ask him. Just tell him that it hurts your feelings as it feels like perhaps he is embarrassed or trying to hide you from her. Tell him you understand the difficulty of the situation for everyone, but you are just trying to understand where you stand and why.

    The point here is to understand, not to put pressure. If you are emotional about it, it is not going to be an easy conversation, but if you are level-headed in asking the question, hopefully he will be in answering it.

    I wish you well.

  • Been there - she didn't want the ex to know she was seeing anyone. I understood. However in your case, I think it's important to have the dialogue before moving forward. Tell him how you feel.


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