Did it ever happen to you? no respond to text and phone call?

The guy i dated for 5 month did not return my text and phone call since yesterday.
it first time happened to me. what i should do?
just go away right?

I know he wasn't that busy or his phone broke. it was Sunday


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  • I can't say that has ever happened with a guy I was with but I don't think 24 hours is enough to draw conclusions so just wait it out. If you haven't heard from him in days then it's time you make sure he's OK because then something could have happened 0_o But for now, try and relax. There's likely just been a hang up somewhere.

    • hmmm not hear from him couple days now. I guess it end

    • Can't you go to his house? This is not the usual way for things to end in a relationship.

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  • Give him a chance. Maybe he dropped his phone in the toilet. Or lost it.

    Got into a car accident.

    Maybe he's really sick.

    Maybe he's in a bad mood and knows that if he talks to you, he will inadvertently take out his anger on you.

    Maybe he's just really busy

    • he wasn't , i know things like that happen. but not for me. he offered me a dinner that day because he couldn't make it day before. i said i will let him know if i can make it since i already have plans.
      but when i m free i text him twice and called twice. no respond.

  • Yeah. But try waiting six weeks for a call back from her only to be told she called you by 'accident ' three times in two minutes with a text message two minutes after. Accident my butt. What's worse is things were looking promising. Very promising.

    • what happened before. six weeks is too long. six days top! that sucks. how difficult just say. sorry but it not working to end it

    • No, something isn't right at all with this girl's situation. She was always prompt to respond back to texts and stuff, and then she started hanging out with the wrong crowd. And they're no good for her, she sees it but won't leave them.

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  • Happening to me now, for the first time in my dating life. I can't believe it because he was showing interest up until he stopped texting. Mine hasn't texted in a week. If you've only been waiting a day, it may be too soon to come to any conclusions. For me, I realized what was happening when 48 hours had passed and no word from him.

    • i guess sign for us to move on. no one get that busy. that just means not that into.

    • Exactly!