I wanna ask the girl i'm seeing to be my girlfriend, officially, on Christmas day?

Christmas day, this year. I wanna make it my "goal" and ask the girl i'm seeing out, officially. i. e ask her to be my girlfriend. I know it is a bit early to be thinking about it, but so far i really like her, and everyday i spend with her i feel myself getting closer and closer to her.

I decided on then, because it gives us both time to "sort things out" and get to know each other even better, and at that point we will have been dating for just over a month.

Obviously, i'm going to see how things go, and i'm not planning anything: it's just my "goal", and goals are rarely set in stone.

So first question: Should I ask her? I mean, i've read that one should let it happen naturally, but i don't really want to be kept in limbo, wondering what we actually are.

And second question: If 'yes' to the previous question, how would one go about doing it? Should i just ask her, "Would you like to become my girlfriend?" or should i do something else?

I'm just looking for a bit of advice to help me think about it a bit, and to point me in the right direction to make this work. Thanks in advance to those who reply :)

And what do you ladies think about a guy asking you to be his GF on Christmas?


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  • Definitely ask her. It will define where the relationship is going. Plus it's romantic :) sigh... Ahem, about the asking. Just say, "hey ___ I really like you and I want to be the guy that you call your boyfriend." Smoooothhh.. Go on. You got this

    • Oooo... just had an idea :) Your suggestion sparked it so i'll share it with you... I'm planning a breakfast picnic where i'll be hand her her Christmas present (this was already thought about). And i just thought now, if i could somehow integrate the question into the gift itself (kinda like the ring in the champagne when proposing, thing) that could be different.
      Maybe have a card in there with the question, or something, so that when she opens her gift, she will see the question to be my gf... hehe I love this stuff! especially if it puts a smile on her face :D

    • Yes yes yes! How Fun! We girls need more guys like you.

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  • I think being spontaneous is important but at the same time, it's good to plan things out in relationships. I think it's healthy. Your plan to ask her on Christmas is sooo cute. Pretty sure you made every girl here sigh lol. Good luck! :)


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  • If she knows you are going on dates with her you can ask "I like you, would you like to be my girlfriend?", if she just knows you are going out with her but you never asked her on a 'date' then i think it may be rushing things. So ask her on a date before you ask her out, like wanna go on a date?

    • Oh that's not an issue. A) she knows I like her, B) we've been on our 4th date (?) yesterday, and going on our 5th on Wednesday. Yesterday we kissed, yaddayadda and when i picked her up, i gave her flowers... Saturday we had the talk about past relationships (well, she talked, i listened lol. my history's complicated, but resolved so i haven't felt the need to tell her yet.) So i think she knows we're dating...

    • ok sounds good, good luck man!

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