Dating or looking at options?

There is this guy I have been on three dates with. We have gone all the way (and he asked me to stay the night) and he texts once or twice a day. Only 5-10 messages in total but still. We usually try to see each other every week and the last time he made (from scratch) dinner for me...

I am going on other first dates with guys - we met online and I see that he goes online every week or so to his profile so I assume he is talking/meeting other girls? (maybe not?) But my question is... should I tell him? Or is it still a casual - let us see where this goes - not dating but going on dates relationship so it is fine I am going on other first dates/talking to other men. I have yet to go on a second date with anyone else.


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  • In my opinion, it sounds like it may be leading to a relationship. But it is nowhere near relationship status. You're both taking it slow.
    I see no reason why you should not be going on other dates.
    As for him checking out the dating site? Who Knows what he is doing. He might be doing it because he sees that you are.

    • That is a good point. I did not think about that...

      He is a sweet guy and I do not want to mislead him in anyway... so thank you for the advice. :)

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