I think my ex still likes/is in love with me, help?

this is kind of a long story, so bear with me. haha.

but we were together for two years and broke up about five weeks ago. he has another 'fling' but has been telling everyone that he's not all that into her anymore. anyways, about two weeks ago he texted me saying that he was ready to be friends, so I said okay and left it at that. we didn't talk until a few days ago at an event where both of us happened to be. at this place, he kept staring at me and smiling at me. like literarlly almost the whole time I was there. and I went to talk to him right before I left and he was kinda a dick to me. but right when I left he went up to my friend and asked her a million questions about me. a few days later, me, him, my friend, and her boyfriend hung out and my ex was flirting with me a lot. his new fling even showed up and he talked to me more than he talked to her. he was pretty much ignoring her the whole time. he told my friend after we hung out that time that he had such a fun night and that his fling was getting on his nerves and he wanted her to leave the whole time she was there. his best friend told him that he has a big crush on me and my ex got so mad that they're no longer friends (I just thought I'd add that)

and also, he texted me a week ago telling me about his new favorite song. the lyrics are about a guy who broke up with his girlfriend and he misses her and wants her back, but is too afraid that he's gonna break her heart again. and when we were hanging out that one time he picked a different song that had the same meaning. I don't know if that means anything but I thought I'd add it in.

sorry it was so long, I'm just confused and I really need help!


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  • I would suggest that if you are honest with him and yourself about your feelings then everything will be fine.


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