Whats it with girls on OKC being afraid for people to know they are interested?

Why is it always the males job to message first?
I will admit listening for other perspectives they do get spammed with those ones who do one liners and pervs "Hi" "Hey" "How are you" "Nice tits"

Even girls do the small generic messages during the occasions when they message first. I personally send semi paras - paras on stuff which was in their profiles.

I will admit I am ranting a bit. As yesterday I messaged someone and they acted so overloaded and hard done, because of 2 questions and a bit of text.

What are your views? *Note Guys and Girls are both to blame*


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  • See if a girl likes a guy she knows in person, she'll hang around him and laugh at his jokes and all that. She gives him reason to believe she might like him, but she's still safe because she's not showing direct interest.

    Whereas on OKC, if she messages you, she is showing direct interest because it's a dating site. Girls are usually used to rejection, and many will be labeled as sluts for actively approaching guys. Society makes it harder for them.

    I don't really like dating sites tbh...


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  • if u are talking bout dating sites its because girls dont need to message guys first they already have a heap of guys messaging them n adding them wen i was on them i struggled to keep up with all of them lol some i would miss accidently n then i get called a bitch for ignoring them n its like woah im sorry so yeah i never message guys first i have to many already talking to me to worry bout that


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