I like this guy in my class but im not sure if he likes me back?

Okay so i like this guy in my tech class... He's very sweet, caring, attractive, and funny... I really like him like my friend can tell when I look at him... I can't tell if he likes me.. Like he'll sit next to me, talk to me, laugh at my jokes, and my friend says he sometimes stares at me... Also if he has a chair and I don't he'll offer it to me... So do you think he likes me and if so how can i act on it? (but we do not text but we talk basically everyday if he comes to class)


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  • i wish i could help you. I have been going through the same thing. Just go with your gutt, and if you think he does tell him. You never know. you may end up dating this guy.

    • its so scary eh? not knowing

    • Exactly. Its nerve wracking when I want to tell him, then I see him and forget too.