Does he love her more?

So I met this guy. He is so sweet and we have a lot in common. We played 21 questions and I said what do you think of me. He responds "beautiful, perfect, ma boo thang, my princess and my future gf" and we say I love you and yeah. Like I love him a lot. He calls me princess, babe, baby, and yeah. But today he said yeah can you help me ask this girl out I really like her! She likes me too but I'm afraid I'll be rejected" so I thought he meant me. But then we just talked then he started worrinf about this friend of his THATS a girl. He then said yeah she may break up with her bf for me :). But I talked to my friend and she sad he was gunna ask me out on Christmas day! So I dont know. Does he like me more trying to make me jealous or... I don't know. Help pleaseeeeee


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  • Yes he does. You pale in value.

    • Okay I'm not good with vocab lol reword that please! I just had a busy day so rn I can't think strait lol

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    • But he is still calling me princess, baby girl, babe and yeah. After he said all that...

    • Look. You will believe what you want. I have no interest in arguing with you or rationalizing your life.

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