What are women attracted to in men?

please be perfectly honest because it's something that I really want to know.

like, if you want a man with a lot of money please don't say you like the personality because I really want to know what women think

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Most Helpful Girl

  • The guy I'm currently head over heels for drew me in by his intelligence and maturity. Immediately all of his "flaws" disappeared and I found him extremely attractive. I guess the deeper reason for liking him so unconditionally is because I feel like I can learn and grow from him, which I definitely have. I'm an extremely nit picky person when it comes to guys but for some reason I'm non-judgmental with this one. He's perfect.


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What Girls Said 6

  • intelligence
    good sense of humor
    gentleness <--- i really like quiet guys, the gentle type. recent fascination.

    • I am all of those, so uhh... how you doin?

    • well I wish there were more women like you out there because you just described me and I still have kind of a tough time dating the RIGHT girl. don't get me wrong, I've had a lot of girlfriends but none that have lasted more than a few months.

  • he dosnt need to be crazy rich but yes a guy who can take care of a family is attractive. not because i don't want to work, id work but i like to know if shit hits the fan he can take care of his family on his own salary.
    and he has to work out i like built guys and tattoos is a bonus. plus a strong minded guy a guy who is a man. guys think girls like assholes but there wrong. we like strong minded men thats diff than an asshole.

  • Looks, but if he doesn't have a big ol' brain you can keep him.

  • Looks and personality.
    Cute face, chubby waist, thick legs in shape.

  • Looks and personality

  • Sorry for saying this but height matters too (at least for me) but I think personality wins over that. But if I was broke and I needed money, I won't be ashamed to go for the $$$

    but for now, personality matters most. I have "bad taste" with guys' looks (or so I was told) so I don't even know.

    • well im 6"3 so if there's a girl out there who likes hight, then I guess I'm in luck.

    • well I think you won't find a girl who doesn't like your height

What Guys Said 1

  • From what I know here are some basic pointers kid:
    1. Keep clean, brush teeth, and avoid odor
    2. Chicks are attracted to confidence
    3. Guys that dress well, trim their nails, and brush their hair
    4. Pick a girl you are attracted to, make sure it's both mentally, and physically
    5. If you do have a car that will score you some points
    6. Being a gentlemen
    7. Good relationship with her surrounding friends