Should I make a move on her? Known her for years, family loves me, so does she (I think)?

There's this girl I've known for ten years, we've been through everything together. She's 19, I'm 18. Always been by my side and I've always been by hers. However, I moved out of state far away 3 years ago and I just saw her a few days ago because we were both on Holiday from college. Her parents absolutely love me and call us a power couple every time were together. We're so photogenic when we're together. Every time she sees me now she calls me her future husband (which I think she's just joking around). We went out the last night of my stay in IL before I went back to KY. Said she loves my accent, I'm extremely funny and she wants to come down and see me in a month. Talked about dropping her current boyfriend after she said that. I really like her too and I kind of feel like I have a chance with her based off all of that but I'm not sure if she feels the same way. Not to mention she works every day for 8 hours sometimes works double shift 16-18 hours and didn't come home for 5 days but the second she heard I was coming over she said she'd love to see me, skipped work that day to sleep, woke up, dressed up, and we went out.

- What should I do guy?


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  • go for it if she left work to be with you she really cares about you, sometimes we say stuff like future husband as a joke on the outside but its a way of expressing how we really feel without the threat of feeling awkward

    • The other thing is in the past I was called the dreaded "brother" and when she references me to her other friends she calls me a friend, but always wants to be alone when she's with me. I really care about her too and the next time I go up to IL in three weeks I'm probably going to make the move.

    • be carefyl cuase if she doesn't feel the same it could mess up what you have already, ask her quesstions related to dating in general then slowly speak of you in that role for her

    • Her and I have always had a thing though so I think she might be waiting. She puts me before anyone else. Everyone always told us we'd turn into something one day.

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